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Of or pertaining to the physics of the Earth and its environment in space. This often relates to geological applications, such as gravitational and magnetic fields; internal structure and composition; dynamics of the Earth's surface and plate tectonics; volcanism and rock formation.

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Physics; Geophysics

The area in which a force, such as magnetism or gravity, has an effect. Iron fillings that fall within the magnetic field will be pulled toward the magnet.


Physics; Geophysics

An object that is shot or thrown forward through the air or through space. Bullets and rockets are projectiles.


Physics; Geophysics

The study of the earth and its physical properties.


Physics; Geophysics

The measurement of the earth and its gravitational forces.


Physics; Geophysics

The study of tectonic plates and their movements.


Physics; Geophysics

The study of the earth's lithosphere, mantle and core.


Physics; Geophysics

The study of seismic waves and earthquakes.

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