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Manufacturing; Glass

A mineral stibnite mined mostly in China, Mexico and the US, antimony (antimony oxide, Sb2O3) can be added to batch as a refining and decolorizing agent, and is sometimes introduced as antimonate of ...

antique glass

Manufacturing; Glass

Glass deliberately manufactured to have an uneven surface texture with air bubbles inside in order to create the appearance of antique glass from before the development of industrial processes. ...


Manufacturing; Glass

A incombustible form of calcium-magnesium-silicate used as a heat-resistant or insulating material. Mixed with cement or plaster, it was commonly used to form slabs or boards for kiln insulation and ...


Manufacturing; Glass

During glass manufacturing, the surface of molten glass usually cools more rapidly than the center, resulting in internal stresses which may cause the glass to crack, shatter or even explode. The ...


Manufacturing; Glass

The surface retention by a solid such as glass or liquid of moisture or vapour. The process differs from absorption, whereby the liquid or moisture penetrates deeper into the bulk of the material. ...

abrasive wheels

Manufacturing; Glass

Solid stone or coated discs used with variable rotation speeds to cut and grind glass. Originally made of natural stone, abrasive wheels are now made of manufactured stone powders, namely silicon ...

Abbe number

Manufacturing; Glass

A ratio which expresses the deviating effect of optical glass on light of different wavelengths. Conceived by the German scientist Ernst Abbe (1840-1905), a professor at the University of Jena and ...

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