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Language; Grammar

Of a noun or form indicating exactly one person or thing; singular nouns are usually the simplest form of the noun (as found in a dictionary); see also plural, number.

split infinitive

Language; Grammar

Situation where a word or phrase comes between the particle "to" and the verb in an infinitive; considered poor construction by some.

Standard English (S.E.)

Language; Grammar

"Normal" spelling, pronunciation and grammar that is used by educated native speakers of English.

structure word

Language; Grammar

Word that has no real meaning in a sentence, such as a pronoun or auxiliary verb (as opposed to a content word, such as verb or noun); structure words are not normally stressed in speech.


Language; Grammar

One of the two main parts (subject and predicate) of a sentence; the subject is the part that is not the predicate; typically, the subject is the first noun phrase in a sentence and is what the rest ...

subjective case

Language; Grammar

Case form of a pronoun indicating a subject.


Language; Grammar

Fairly rare verb form typically used to talk about events that are not certain to happen, usually something that someone wants, hopes or imagines will happen; formed with BARE INFINITIVE (except past ...

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