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Graphic design software

Programs and functions designed to assist or enhance the capabilities of graphic designers.

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Graphic design software


Software; Graphic design software

Options on the Tools menu allows you to set your preferences for PowerPoint functions, such as the maximum number of undos, smart quotes, and viewing non-printing characters.


Software; Graphic design software

Use the Order command to rearrange the order of objects on a slide.

organization boxes

Software; Graphic design software

Organization boxes are the boxes within an Organization chart that contain the name and job information for each position.

organization chart

Software; Graphic design software

An organization chart is a diagram or map that shows the hierarchy of a group or business. It usually shows a person's name, and the position that person holds within the group or business.

outline view

Software; Graphic design software

Outline view allows you to work with slide titles and main text without being distracted by background colors and graphics. You can see most of the text in your presentation at a glance instead of ...

outlining toolbar

Software; Graphic design software

The Outlining toolbar is available in Outline view by default, and is located on the left side of the window. The Outlining toolbar has buttons that provide quick access to outlining features such ...

pack and go

Software; Graphic design software

Pack And Go "wraps up" your presentations and all of its elements, along with the PowerPoint Viewer, into a Pack and Go executable file so you can load and view it on any machine.

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