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Green biotechnology

The use of enviromentally-friendly solutions as an alternative to traditional agriculture, horticulture, and animal breeding process.

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Green biotechnology


Biotechnology; Green biotechnology

A material that is placed around growing plants to protect them against cold or to keep the soil moist.


Biotechnology; Green biotechnology

Partly decayed plant matter that is found in bogs. Peat consists of decayed mosses and is burned as a fuel.

green biotechnology

Biotechnology; Green biotechnology

Green biotechnology is biotechnology applied to agricultural processes. One hope is that green biotechnology might produce more environmentally friendly solutions than traditional industrial ...

Why Building Event Specific App is a Good Idea: When to make it Live?

Biotechnology; Green biotechnology

There is an upsurge in the number of events taking place every year. An event is one of the most effective forms of PR which can help a business in communicating its brand value. The proliferation of ...

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