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Green building

Also known as green construction or sustainable building, it is a practice to construct buildings that are environmentally responsible, resource-efficient and healthy places to live and work.

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Green building


Construction; Green building

An abandoned or underused industrial or commercial property where redevelopment is complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination.

community connectivity

Construction; Green building

Close proximity of a building to residential zones/neighborhoods and basic community services, such as schools, banks, supermarkets, etc.


Construction; Green building

The use of natural light to provide interior illumination.


Construction; Green building

The dismantlement of a building with the intention of salvaging and recycling materials while reducing waste generation, used as an alternative to full scale demolition.

development density

Construction; Green building

A measure of development within an area, measured in square footage of floor space per acre. The LEED requirement for high development density is designed to reduce sprawl and channel new development ...


Construction; Green building

The generation of power from heat stored below the earth’s surface.

geothermal heat pump

Construction; Green building

A pump that uses the constant temperature of the earth, instead of outside air, in order to heat a building's air or water supply.

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