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Gross anatomy

The study of structure without the use of a microscope.

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Gross anatomy

compound eye

Anatomy; Gross anatomy

An eye that is made up of thousands of tiny parts that act like lenses. Each of these parts is sensitive to light and forms part of an image.


Anatomy; Gross anatomy

A long sharp tooth or similar body part that some animals have for seizing prey. Snakes and spiders have fangs.


Anatomy; Gross anatomy

A skeleton in an animal that is located inside the body and is made of bones in humans and vertebrates.


Anatomy; Gross anatomy

The outer layer of the skin of an animal and it helps protect against sun's rays and keeps out germs.


Anatomy; Gross anatomy

A hard covering on the body of an animal, such as an insect. Exoskeletons provide support and protection for soft body parts.


Anatomy; Gross anatomy

One of the small openings in the back part of the spider and some insect larvae. They release a sticky fluid that dries into silk.


Anatomy; Gross anatomy

A sharp,curved, claw on the foot of a bird or other animal such as a lizard is called talon.

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