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Of or pertaining to the handling of robots.

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dextrous robotic hand

Robots; Handling

Modeled after the actual human hand, the dextrous robotic hand is a life-sized, five-fingered robotic hand that is capable of grasping and manipulating objects with human-like dexterity. Unlike ...

grey goo

Robots; Handling

An end of the world scenario wherein self replicating nanobots persistently procreate by eating their way through all matter in the universe, leaving nothing behind but an endless sea of nanomachines ...

humanoid robot

Robots; Handling

A robot that bears structural resemblance to a human being with a similar body shape, having a head, a torso, two arms and two legs, etc. In its most advanced form, such a robot is an android which ...


Robots; Handling

Spot is an agile, autonomous robot with four hydraulic legs and a sensor head that is able to move across rough terrain while maintaining its balance. The robot is designed by Boston Dynamics, the ...

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