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Hats & caps

A head covering that is used for protection, religion, or a fashion statement.

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Hats & caps


Apparel; Coats & jackets

The process of converting waste or discarded products into new products with higher quality and new usage. Reworking junk materials into new and improved products. Often associated with recycling, ...


Weddings; Coats & jackets

Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style. Both \'green\' and stylish. A combination of trendiness and environment.


Fashion accessories; Hats & caps

A trilby hat (or simply trilby) is a soft felt men's hat with a deeply indented crown, and a pinch at the front. The brim is narrow and often sharply upturned at the back. Traditionally it was made ...


Fashion accessories; Hats & caps

Soft man's hat with fairly high, tapering, crown with front to back crease in top and pinched dimples at the center front of the crown. Brim may be wide or narrow, but is usually soft & turned down ...


Fashion accessories; Hats & caps

A cap that fits the head closely, usually knitted from wool and often with a pom-pom on top.


Fashion accessories; Hats & caps

Cap made from felt, felted jersey or fabric with soft, wide, circular crown.


Fashion accessories; Hats & caps

A wooden form used as a mould to shape, by hand a brim or crown.

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