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Historical dance

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Historical dance


Dance; Historical dance

Slow solemn Italian or Spanish dance. It originated in early 17th century Spain. Despite the form's Spanish roots (confirmed by references in Spanish literature of the period), the first written ...


Dance; Historical dance

Square dance for four couples; card game for four people. It is also a style of music. The term quadrille came to exist in the 17th century, within military parades, in which four horsemen and their ...


Dance; Historical dance

It is a French baroque dance with a lively duple metre. Its hopping steps were adopted by the skillful dancers of the French and English courts, where it remained fashionable through the 18th ...


Dance; Historical dance

Slow and stately Baroque dance in 3/4 time. The term also describes the musical form which accompanied the dance, and subsequently developed more fully, often with a longer structure called the ...

peacock dance

Dance; Historical dance

The peacock dance is one of the most wide-spread ancient dances of the Dai ethnic group in Yunnan Province on the southwest border of China. Tropical weather and nature have nourished the Dai ...

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