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Home remodeling

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement projects.

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Home remodeling


Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank


Construction; Home remodeling

A mixture of materials that is made from powdered clay and limestone.It is used as a building material.


Construction; Home remodeling

Driving nails at an angleinto corners or other joints.

toggle bolt

Construction; Home remodeling

Used where the back of the wall is inaccessible. This bolt works on a spring principle. The holding arms open after the screw and holder are inserted into the hole, gripping the wall as the screw is ...


Construction; Home remodeling

A bend in a water pipe tohold water so gases will not escape from the plumbing system into thehouse.

track lighting

Construction; Home remodeling

A system of movable lights wired to a metal track that makes a great accent lighting choice for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

torque wrench

Construction; Home remodeling

Designed to permit an operator to determine applied torque on bolts, nuts and other fasteners. Many torque wrenches are available with dual scales for conventional and metric measurements.

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