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Any of various equine mammals, or even certain extinct forms related ancestrally to the modern horse.

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Animals; Horses

Horse judged on jumping performance based only on faults and time. Touch faults are sometimes also used. Preliminary jumpers are those horses having won up to $1,000; Intermediate up to $3,000; Open ...


Animals; Horses

The horse's way of travel, how he moves his legs and degree of animation. The degree of flexion of the joints of the legs during movement; also reflected in head, neck, and tail carriage. High, ...

hoof dressing

Animals; Horses

A preparation designed to be applied to the hoof either for conditioning or for appearance.


Animals; Horses

Horse lying down and rolling over, may be normal or result of pain; possible sign of colic.

racing silks

Animals; Horses

The jacket and cap worn by the jockey.


Animals; Horses

A prescribed order of maneuvers in a particular class such as reining or trail.


Animals; Horses

Horse of lighter riding type statue are referred to as warmblood. Today horses bred for competition riding are also called warmblood.

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