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Human body


Anatomy; Human body

The portion of the brain in the back of the head between the cerebrum and the brain stem.


Anatomy; Human body

This is the ball shaped part of the eye without its surrounding parts and eyelids protect the eyes and help to keep them moist.


Anatomy; Human body

Eye-lash is one of the short, stiff hairs that grow at the edge of each eyelid and they help to keep dust out of the eye.

bronchial tube

Anatomy; Human body

A tube that carries air from the windpipe to the lungs and they get smaller as they get closer to the lungs.


Anatomy; Human body

Strong, flexible material that is found in the body of many animals and it lines the surface of the bones in a joint.


Anatomy; Human body

Part of the inner ear that is shaped like a spiral and looks like a snail shell.


Anatomy; Human body

Severe loss of water, especially from the body. Sweating a lot can cause dehydration in human beings.

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