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Human evolution

Otherwise known as anthropogeny; anything of or relating to the study of the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens as a distinct species from other hominids, great apes and placental mammals.

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Human evolution


Archaeology; Human evolution

A process of reasoning by which more specific consequences are inferred by rigorous argument from more general propositions.

ribonuclease (RNase)

Archaeology; Human evolution

An enzyme that catalyzes the degradation of RNA to nucleotides.

selection differential

Archaeology; Human evolution

In natural and artificial selection, the difference between the mean phenotype of the selected parents and the mean phenotype of the unselected population.


Archaeology; Human evolution

See hinge termination.

signal sequence

Archaeology; Human evolution

The hydrophobic, amino terminal extension found on proteins that are secreted from a cell. The amino terminus (extension) is removed and degraded in the cisternal space of the endoplasmic reticulum.

diagonal parallel flaking

Archaeology; Human evolution

This is similar to parallel flaking except that the flakes are removed at an oblique angle to the objective piece edge.

restriction map

Archaeology; Human evolution

A genetic map of DNA showing the relative positions of restriction enzyme cleavage sites.

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