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Human geography

Geographical events related to human actions.

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Human geography


Geography; Human geography

A person from the country of Hungary is called as Hungarian; language spoken by the people of Hungary is also called as Hungarian.


Geography; Human geography

The people of Spain and the language of Spain and of most of the countries in Central and South America.


Geography; Human geography

Living or growing naturally in a certain region. Plants and animals that are native to a region developed in that area.

global city

Geography; Human geography

A global city (also known as world city) is an important node point in the global economic system. For a global city to be classified as one, it must hold significant economic, political, cultural ...

Brandt Line

Geography; Human geography

Proposed by German Chancellor Willy Brandt in 1980, the Brandt Line is a line that divides the North and the South. It shows the divide between the more developed regions and the less developed ...

desire path

Geography; Human geography

A desire path is an organic passageway between two areas that has been eroded due to high amounts of use. They are useful for architects and town planners to study as they are an indicator of what ...


Geography; Human geography

'Trollstigen' is the world's most dangerous road. Its eleven hairpin curves and its slopes, close to 9 percent, as well as the viewpoint located at the top of the mountain, have become must-see for ...

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