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Industrial automation

4-digit security code

Automation; Industrial automation

A CVC, or card verification code, is used by credit card companies as a security/fraud prevention measure. The CVC is a three- or four-digit number that usually appears on the back side of a credit ...

isolated I/O module

Automation; Industrial automation

A module that has each input or output electrically isolated from every other input or output on that module.

extended local I/O link

Automation; Industrial automation

A parallel link for carrying I/O data between a PLC or SLC

DF1 protocol

Automation; Industrial automation

A peer-to-peer link-layer protocol that combines features of ANSI X3.28-1976 specification subcategories D1 (data transparency) and F1 (two-way simultaneous transmission with embedded responses).

modulated LED control

Automation; Industrial automation

A photoelectric control that operates on light puses rather than on constant light intensity.

DataMyte DataTruck® data collector

Automation; Industrial automation

A portable Allen-Bradley device used to harvest data from fixed-station DataMyte data collectors. See DataMyte data collector (a DataMyte product).

Encompass program

Automation; Industrial automation

A program that offers a structured relationship with Rockwell Automation by promoting partner companies’ products that complement Rockwell Automation products.

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