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Industrial design

feature inspection

Design; Industrial design

The aim of feature inspection is to describe the technical features of a product such as a piece of software as detailed as possible, so that it allows the comparison between products of the same ...

cognitive walkthrough

Design; Industrial design

A cognitive walkthrough is a review technique where you construct task scenarios from a specification and get a user to role play the part of walking through the task. They act as if the interface ...

contextual inquiry

Design; Industrial design

Contextual inquiry is a structured field interviewing process that involves both conversation and observation. Contextual inquiries requires a high degree of skill from the usability specialist, in ...

industrial design (ID)

Design; Industrial design

The professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and ...

human factors

Design; Industrial design

The multidisciplinary study of human biological, physical, psychological, and social characteristics in relation to environments, objects and services. The practice of human factors applies to the ...


Design; Industrial design

A usability guideline for evaluating a product (such as the software user interface) to identify design problems. Heuristic methods often need to be customized depending on the product features and ...


Design; Industrial design

A prototype is a partially completed mockup of your final website. Prototyping allows you to test certain parts of the final website, especially when it is incomplete. With many sites, this model can ...

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