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Industrial manufacturing

General manufacturing that involves industrial production to transform raw materials into finished goods and products.

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Industrial manufacturing

marginal cost

Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

Μarginal cost is τhe increase in cost that accompanies a unit increase in output; the partial derivative of the cost function with respect to output.

full cost pricing

Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

Full cost pricing or full costing is an accounting method that describes when all fixed and variable costs are used to compute the total cost per unit in order to derive the price of the product or ...

fracture toughness

Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

A generic term for measures of resistance to extension of a crack. The term is sometimes restricted to results of fracture mechanics tests, which are directly applicable in fracture control. However, ...


Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

An operation in which a drill enters the workpiece axially and cuts a hole with a diameter equal to that of the tool. On a milling machine, an end milling operation is required to produce a hole with ...

poisson ratio

Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

The absolute value of the ratio of the transverse strain to the corresponding axial strain, in a body subjected to uniaxial stress; usually applied to elastic conditions. If a square bar is stressed ...

carbon steel

Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

Steel made from molten iron or ferrous scrap with carbon, manganese, sulfur, silicon, and phosphorous. Carbon steel contains up to about 2% carbon, up to 1.65% manganese, and 0.60% or less silicon. ...


Manufacturing; Industrial manufacturing

In bending, residual stresses cause the material to spring back slightly after the bending operation. Due to this elastic recovery, it is necessary to over-bend a precise amount to achieve the ...

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