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Information technology

The acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information by electronics-based of computing and telecommunications.

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Information technology


Technology; Information technology

Summly is a mobile news aggregation app, it condenses web content such as articles, search results and webpages into a concise and digestible format. It was founded in 2011 by Nick D'Aloisio, who ...

information architechure

Technology; Information technology

The structural design of shared information environments. The combination of organization, labeling, search, and navigation systems within web sites and intranets. The art and science of shaping ...


Technology; Information technology

The iPhone's phone features are solid. It includes innovative features like Visual Voice mail and standard features like text messaging and voice dialing.

web browsing

Technology; Information technology

The iPhone offers the best, most complete mobile browsing experience. Though it doesn't support the standard Flash browser plug in, it doesn't require dumbed-down "mobile" versions of websites, ...


Technology; Information technology

Like all good smartphones, the iPhone has robust email features and can sync to corporate email servers running Exchange.


Technology; Information technology

A shortcut description of an iPhone is a combined cell phone and iPod, so of course its music player features offer all the advantages and coolness of iPods.

home button

Technology; Information technology

This button, at the bottom of the phone right below the screen, is used to wake the phone from sleep and control some onscreen features.

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