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Internet memes

This category is for concepts (usually funny) or "internet inside jokes" that spread rapidly over the internet via social networking.

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Internet memes


Internet; Internet memes

Polandball is a meme that turns countries into spherical personas that interact in ways that give social commentary. Common themes are bad English, Polandball's remembering his relevant past, and how ...


Internet; Internet memes

Wikiterms is an alternative name of TermWiki. It's chosen because many users associate wiki systems with the early movers in this space such as Wikipedia. However, the word TermWiki is more accurate ...

spear phishing

Internet; Internet communication

Spear phishing is an e-mail spoofing fraud attempt that targets a specific organization, seeking unauthorized access to confidential data. Spear phishing attempts are not typically initiated by ...

Rebecca Black

Internet; Internet memes

Rebecca Black is an American teenager who received extensive media coverage for her 2011 single "Friday". Black's mother reportedly paid $4000 to have Rebecca sing, record and produce ...

Bad Day

Internet; Internet memes

The name of a 25-second viral video that has circulated online since 1997. The shows footage of a man in his office cubicle, increasingly irritated with the lack of response from his computer. First ...

Bad Times

Internet; Internet memes

The name of a computer virus hoax sent out by email. The virus does not actually exist and is meant to parody the alarmist message of the "Goodtimes virus" that was also spread by email.

Mahir Çağrı

Internet; Internet memes

An Internet celebrity in 1999, who became famous when his picture-laden personal homepage, which stated in heavily broken English his love of the accordion, travel, and women was visited by millions ...

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