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Investment banking

Of or relating to the business of underwriting, or acting as the client's agent, in the issuance of securities in order to assist an individual, commercial enterprise, corporation or government instution ro raise capital.

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Investment banking

dirty floating

Banking; Investment banking

Currency policy which in principle recognizes the free movement of exchange rates but where interventions are nonetheless made with some frequency in an attempt to influence the exchange rate. See ...

economic viability

Banking; Investment banking

Credit system mainly used in property financing and defined as the burden on the borrower's income (expressed as a percentage) that the cost of a property will incur.

summary bill enforcement procedure

Banking; Investment banking

Especially rapid summary bankruptcy proceedings brought against bill and cheque debtors whose names are entered in the commercial register.

share index

Banking; Investment banking

Indicator showing changes in the average prices of shares or groups of shares on the stock market. In Switzerland the most commonly used equity price indices are the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) and ...


Banking; Investment banking

Reference parameter (e.g. a share index or an index portfolio) used to compare the performance of a portfolio. A benchmark that is an index is also called a reference index.

standing order

Banking; Investment banking

Payment product which enables the client to give an order to the bank to make regular payments for the same amount and execution date.


Banking; Investment banking

Investment strategies that concentrate on companies which are, or may be, subject to extraordinary corporate events such as restructurings, takeovers, mergers, liquidations, bankruptcies or other ...

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