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Terms related to knowledge, the understanding of a particular subject or field combined with experience in that subject or field.

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Education; Knowledge

A Belgian organization created in 1910 that aimed to collate all of the world's knowledge on small index cards. People worldwide would then send mail or telegrams to the workers asking questions, and ...


Education; Knowledge

Credential is document or non document, thus written or non written providing proof or evidence on qualifications.


Education; Knowledge

Nanoflake-powered device for wirelessly linking data sources. Simpler versions range from statlinks and busnode generators. Complex versions include covert surveillance and data acquisition tools.


Education; Knowledge

A small, spherical hologram generated by any of a number of automated communications or data handling tools, containing a defined packet of data, usually with a single-focus function. Common ...


Education; Knowledge

One- to four-passenger battery-powered grav-cushion air vehicles common in highly developed Central Nexus colonies of the Hub. Most models are limited to speeds of up to 80 kph and ceilings of 500 ...


Education; Knowledge

The major pre-Hub scientific and intellectual institution was the Leksandri Project, established in 2039 RT first as a survey program, and then as an authoritative scientific research and educational ...

Drones Year

Education; Knowledge

Social custom common in many Procyon Axis colonial cultures. Young men of wealthy families are provided with financial support for a period of social obligation, attending staged events intended to ...

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