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Labor statistics

capital services

Labor; Labor statistics

A chain-type index of service flows derived from the stock of physical assets and software. Assets include equipment and software, structures, land, and inventories. Capital services are estimated as ...

professional employer organization (PEO)

Labor; Labor statistics

A business that supplies management and administrative services with regard to human resource responsibilities for employers; it serves as the co-employer of the client’s employees for payroll, ...

paid leave

Labor; Labor statistics

Paid leave includes vacations, holidays, sick leave, and other leave with pay.

division, geographic or census

Labor; Labor statistics

One of nine geographic areas of the United States defined by the Census Bureau and widely used by BLS for presenting regional data.

designated person

Labor; Labor statistics

One individual age 15 or older who is randomly selected from each sampled household to participate in the American Time Use Survey. The designated person is interviewed by telephone once about only ...

supply of workers

Labor; Labor statistics

Often refers to the labor force. The concept focuses on worker characteristics, especially their education and training, but also characteristics such as experience (often considered to be correlated ...


Labor; Labor statistics

Nonwage compensation provided to employees. The National Compensation Survey groups benefits into five categories: paid leave (vacations, holidays, sick leave); supplementary pay (premium pay for ...

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