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A database referring to large standing bodies of fresh water in a basin. A lake is apart from rivers or streams that serve to fill or drain the lake.

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Lake Chilwa

Water bodies; Lakes

Lake Chilwa is the second-largest lake in Malawi after Lake Malawi. It is in eastern Zomba District, near the border with Mozambique. Approximately 60 km long and 40 km wide, the lake is surrounded ...

Cahora Bassa Lake

Water bodies; Lakes

The Cahora Bassa lake is Africa's fourth-largest artificial lake, situated in the Tete Province in Mozambique. The name Cabora Bassa is an earlier misspelling of the name. In Africa, only Lake Volta ...

Kainji Lake

Water bodies; Lakes

Kainji Lake, in western Nigeria, is a reservoir on the Niger River, formed by the Kainji Dam. It was formed in 1968 and is a part of Niger State and Kebbi State. Kainji Lake National Park (KNLP), ...

Lake Muhazi

Water bodies; Lakes

Lake Muhazi is a long thin shallow lake in the east of Rwanda. The bulk of the lake lies in the Eastern Province, with the western end forming the border between the Northern and Kigali Provinces. It ...

Lake Rweru

Water bodies; Lakes

Lake Rweru is a lake close to the northernmost point of Burundi in central Africa. The northern shore of the lake forms part of Burundi's border with Rwanda.

Lake Mweru Wantipa

Water bodies; Lakes

Lake Mweru Wantipa (also spelled 'Mweru-wa-Ntipa' and also called 'Mweru Marsh') is a lake and swamp system in the Northern Province of Zambia. It has been regarded in the past as something of ...

Lake Bangweulu

Water bodies; Lakes

Bangweulu — 'where the water sky meets the sky' — is one of the world's great wetland systems, comprising Lake Bangweulu, the Bangweulu Swamps and the Bangweulu Flats or floodplain. Situated in the ...

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