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Industrial machinery; Lathe

Used to remove material from the inside of a workpiece. This process utilizes standard drill bitsheld stationary in the tail stock or tool turret of the lathe.

alignment key

Industrial machinery; Lathe

A precision ground key that fits in slots in the top of the bed and bottom of the headstock to keep the headstock aligned straight with the tailstock. Removing this key and rotating the headstock ...


Industrial machinery; Lathe

Front part of the carriage assembly on which the carriage handwheel is mounted.


Industrial machinery; Lathe

The dovetailed steel bar on which the saddle and tailstock are moved back and forth. This is the main supporting casting running the length of the lathe.


Industrial machinery; Lathe

Goes through the hole in the spindle to draw chucks and other accessories into the headstock taper inside the spindle. A special washer locates it on center in the spindle hole.


Industrial machinery; Lathe

Also known as a Lathe Dog or Dogleg. An "L"-shaped adapator, usually made of cast iron,  with a hole for the workpiece and locking screw to secure the workpiece. Used to clamp a workpiece and apply ...

depth of cut

Industrial machinery; Lathe

The penetration of the cutting tool below the original work surface (Unit is mm)

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