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Laws and acts

General acts of the international, USA, UK and European Laws.

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Laws and acts


Law; Laws and acts

Amortization is the payment of a debt in equal, regular payments; and is termed as amortization in law.

adverse judgment

Law; Laws and acts

Adverse judgment is that judgment which is against the party represented; and is termed as adverse judgment in law.

compensatory damages

Law; Laws and acts

It is an award of money to compensate for actual monies lost, as opposed to punitive damages.

circumstantial evidence

Law; Laws and acts

It is a fact that requires an inference to establish another fact and is known as circumstantial evidence.

diversity of citizenship

Law; Laws and acts

A federal court usually has jurisdiction only in cases involving federal questions or when the United States is a party. The major exception occurs when the parties involved in litigation are ...


Law; Laws and acts

The act of secretly and fraudulently taking money is termed as embezzlement in general law.

habeas corpus

Law; Laws and acts

A writ of habeas corpus demands that a person be brought to court is called as habeas corpus.

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