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Law; Legal

The document that responds to the allegations in a complaint; must be filed within a specific period of time after service has been effectuated.

appellate level court

Law; Legal

Appellate courts review the records of trial court decision to determine whether the trial court erred.

amicus curiae

Law; Legal

It is a legal memo filed by a non-party who has information or opinions that may be instructive to the court.


Law; Legal

Amnesty is the clearing of a record; similar to a pardon.Amnesty is as though the act never happened.

prayer for relief

Law; Legal

Prayer for relief is also called as ad damnum clause. It is the element of the complaint that asks for damages.

advance sheet

Law; Legal

Advance sheet is a pamphlet that comes out in advance of the hardbound volume; most commonly used by case law books.

aggravated assault

Law; Legal

It is a more serious form of assault, often assault with a deadly weapon is termed as an aggravated assault.

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