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Legal aid (criminal)

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Legal aid (criminal)


Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

Release of a defendant from custody, until his/her next appearance in Court, subject sometimes to security being given and/or compliance with certain conditions.


Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

Bailiffs and enforcement officers are people authorised to remove and sell possessions in order to pay the money a debtor owes to a person or an organisation. They may also conduct evitions, and ...


Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

Insolvent - unable to pay creditors and having all goods/effects administered by a liquidator or trustee and sold for the benefit of those creditors; as a result of an order under the Insolvency Act ...


Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

The collective term for barristers.

bill of costs

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

An itemized list what expenses a prevailing party in a lawsuit or action needs to pay for services procured from a lawyer. It can have varying levels of detail, ans should describe the nature of the ...

bill of indictment

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

A written statement of the charges against a defendant sent for trial to the Crown Court, and signed by an officer of the Court.

bind over

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

In the Crown Court or (more usually) the Magistrates Court, and signed by an officer of the Court.

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