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The way in which a person or group lives: "the benefits of a healthy lifestyle".

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Personal life; Lifestyles

Practitioners of asceticism live austere lives, refraining from worldly pleasures, often with the intention of gaining greater spiritual understanding.

disconnected lists

Personal life; Lifestyles

Lists of elements unrelated to each other.

laundry lists

Personal life; Lifestyles

Lists which are unusually long, thorough and comprehensive.


Personal life; Lifestyles

With a nod to the French origin of many terms in English, a "demaindo" is a task or job that can be pushed to the next day, or otherwise be delayed. This word is comprised of the French "demain" for ...


Personal life; Lifestyles

Opinions, attitudes, stand-points and "words of wisdom" shared on social media. Adopting socially-awkward philosophical approach to life events.


Personal life; Lifestyles

Stroppy is a colloquial term used in British English meaning to be grumpy, argumentative or in a bad mood. "[She's] a right stroppy cow, actually."


Personal life; Lifestyles


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