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Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank

low-voltage lamp

Construction; Lighting

A lamp ( typically compact halogen ( that provides both intensity and good color rendition. Lamp operates at 12V and requires the use of a transformer. Popular lamps are MR11, MR16, and PAR36.

high pressure sodium lamp

Construction; Lighting

A high intensity discharge (HID) lamp whose light is produced by radiation from sodium vapor (and mercury).


Construction; Lighting

A fluorescent fixture; usually a 2' x 4' fixture that sets or "lays" into a specific ceiling grid.

very high output (VHO)

Construction; Lighting

A fluorescent lamp that operates at a "very high" current (1500 mA), producing more light output than a "high output" lamp (800 mA) or standard output lamp (430 mA).

tungsten halogen lamp

Construction; Lighting

A gas-filled tungsten filament incandescent lamp with a lamp envelope made of quartz to withstand the high temperature. This lamp contains some halogens (namely iodine, chlorine, bromine, and ...

thermal factor

Construction; Lighting

A factor used in lighting calculations that compensates for the change in light output of a fluorescent lamp due to a change in bulb wall temperature. It is applied when the lamp-ballast combination ...

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