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Lights & lighting; Lighting products

A GE registered trademark for a line of HID lamps (Mercury or Metal Halide) which will self-extinguish shortly after the outer bulb is broken or ruptured. This prevents the possibility of the arc ...

Spiral® lamp

Lights & lighting; Lighting products

GE trademark for its helical family of high-efficiency, long-life compact fluorescent lamps.


Lights & lighting; Lighting products

GE's special barrier coating applied on the inside of all GE T8 fluorescent lamps, a well as some other lamp types, to enhance lamp life and deliver superior lumen maintenance.

The Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test

Lights & lighting; Lighting products

Specified in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1990, is used to characterize fluorescent lamp waste as hazardous or nonhazardous waste. The TCLP test measures the ability of the ...

ultra Watt-Miser®

Lights & lighting; Lighting products

GE's family of energy-saving T8 fluorescent lamps.

UltraMax™ Ballast

Lights & lighting; Lighting products

A family of high-efficiency GE instant-start electronic linear fluorescent ballasts designed to optimize GE's T8 Ultra lamps for enhanced system energy savings. UltraMax ballasts have a low lamp ...

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