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Literary terms


Literature; Literary terms

A figure of speech in which a pair of words is repeated in reverse order: 'all for one, and one for all'. This figure is a sub-type of chiasmus.


Literature; Literary terms

A figure of speech related to hyperbole that emphasizes the inexpressibility of some thing, idea or feeling, either by stating that words cannot describe it, or by comparing it with something the ...

dramatic monologue

Literature; Literary terms

A kind of poem in which a single fictional or historical character other than the poet speaks to a silent 'audience' of one or more persons.

dream vision

Literature; Literary terms

A kind of narrative (usually but not always in verse) in which the narrator falls asleep and dreams the events of the tale.


Literature; Literary terms

Interlocked word order; confused arrangement of words.


Literature; Literary terms

The art of speaking or writing effectively; rhetoric can also mean exaggerated language in speech or writing.


Literature; Literary terms

Harsh joining or combination of sounds.

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