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Literary terms

die poesie

Literature; Literary terms

Die Poesie ist fuer die Romantiker eine progressive Universalpoesie. Sie vereinigt alle Gattungen und sie ist lebendig und gesellig. Nur sie kann das Leben romantisieren, denn sie von allen Gesetzten ...

die einbildungskraft

Literature; Literary terms

Die Symbole und Geheimnisse der Natur koennen nur mit der Einbildungskraft entdeckt und versteht werden. Sie erlaubt dem Kuenstler, die Wahrheit hinter den Schein zu sehen und fuehrt ihn gegen ...


Literature; Literary terms

An argument is a statement by the narrator in which he invokes a muse or guiding spirit to inspire him in his great undertaking and then to address to the muse his epic question. Another phrase for ...

applied criticism

Literature; Literary terms

Applied criticism, or practical criticism, concerns itself with the discussion of particular works and writers. In an applied critique, the theoretical principles controlling the mode of analysis, ...


Literature; Literary terms

In an aside a character expresses to the audience his or her thought or intention in a short speech which, by convention, is inaudible to the other characters on the stage. This device, common in ...

Augustan Age

Literature; Literary terms

The original Augustan Age was the brilliant literary period of Virgil, Horace and Ovidunder the Roman emperor Augustus (27 BC-AD 14. In the eigtheenth century and later, however, the term was ...


Literature; Literary terms

An aubade - from the old French "alba", meaning dawn - is an early morning song whose usual motif is an urgent request to the beloved to wake up. A familiar example is Shakespeare's "Hark, hark, the ...

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