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Local government

Rob Blagojevich

Government; Local government

He is the former Illinois governor that was convicted of 17 charges, including trying to sell or trade President Barack Obama's old Senate seat and attempting to shake down executives for campaign ...


Government; Local government

A general pardon given by the government.

parish council

Government; Local government

The administrative body of a parish (in England and, formerly, Wales).

Swiss Franc (CHF)

Government; Local government

The Swiss Franc is the currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Swiss franc is the only version of the franc still issued in Europe. The banknotes were introduced in 1907 by the Swiss National ...

Krona (SEK)

Government; Local government

The official currency of Sweden, although Euro is accepted as well due to the prevalence. The Krona has been the currency since 1873. The Krona is the 9th most traded currency in the world, and one ...

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Government; Local government

The official currency of Canada, it is also the 7th most traded currency in the market. The first banknotes issued in Canada were British Army bills (1813-1815). By 1830, chartered banks started ...

Euro (EUR)

Government; Local government

The currency accepted by the institutions of the European Union, as well as being the official currency of the Eurozone. This includes roughly 332 million Europeans. The Euro is the second largest ...

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