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Timber after it has been sawed and split into planks or other smaller components that can be used as building material.

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air space

Building materials; Lumber

The area between insulation facing and interior of exterior wall coverings. For best results, manufacturers recommend filling this space with insulation and allowing at least 3/4" air space in ...

annual ring

Building materials; Lumber

The rings that are generated each year as a tree grows. The age of the tree can be determined by counting the growth rings. The size of the rings can also indicate what type of growing season ...

compression web

Building materials; Lumber

A member of a truss which connects the bottom and top chords and provides downward support.


Building materials; Lumber

Conifer species are trees or shrubs of the evergreen variety that bear cones. An example would be the pine.

coniferous forests

Building materials; Lumber

Forests comprised of mostly cone bearing trees such as pine forests.


Building materials; Lumber

Currents created by heating air, which then rises and pulls cooler air behind it.


Building materials; Lumber

A cap at the top of a wall that's rounded or beveled to shed water. Also, a curved cut made so that one contoured molding can join neatly with another.

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