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Massive Multiplayer Online games. These games will feature interaction with other players in real-time and on a large scale.

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Video games; MMO

The generic name given to the persona played as in a video game.


Video games; MMO

A character whose primary function is to keep all the other members of their team alive by restoring their hit points when they are damaged.

damage per second (DPS)

Video games; MMO

A measure of the damage output a character has over an extended period of time.


Video games; MMO

The time it takes for a particular skill to recharge. Powerful skills will have long cooldowns to prevent the player from using them excessively.

gold sink

Video games; MMO

A venture that players will want to engage in that takes money out of the in game economy. As many online games will feature potentially infinite sources of money through respawning enemies, there ...

player versus environment (PvE)

Video games; MMO

Gameplay that pits the player against the game itself rather than other players.

player versus player (PvP)

Video games; MMO

Gameplay that pits players against each other as opposed to against the AI.

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