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Manufactured fibers


Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A material or cloth made by weaving or knitting threads together which are made from natural fibres as cotton, wool, or silk and from synthetic fibres such as nylon.


Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A dispersing agent, often of a surface active chemical, that promotes formationof a dispersion or maintains a state of dispersion by preventing settling or aggregation.


Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A firm, glossy, Jacquard-patterned fabric that may be made from linen, cotton, rayon, silk, or a combination of these with various manufactured fibers. Similar to brocade, but flatter and ...


Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A firm 2 x 1 or 3 x 1 twill-weave fabric, often having a whitish tinge, obtained by using white filling yarns with colored warp yarns. Heavier weight denims, usually blue or brown, are used for ...

high-temperature dyeing

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A dyeing operation in which the aqueous dyebaths are maintained at temperatures greater than 100°C by use of pressurized equipment. Used for many manufactured fibers.

double-knit fabric

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A fabric produced on a circular-knitting machine equipped with two sets of latch needles situated at right angles to each other (dial and cylinder).

elasticized fabric

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A fabric that contains elastic threads. Such fabrics are used for girdles, garters, and similar items.

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