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Martial arts

Marial arts are codified forms of combat practices employed for the purposes of combat, competition, self-defense and physical health.

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Martial arts


Sports; Martial arts

A lock in which the arm is straightened hyper extending the elbow. In MMA this is most often done by trapping the arm between the legs and extending the hips upward.


Sports; Martial arts

A Kimura lock using the leg to trap the fighter's arm instead of the arm.

technical knock out

Sports; Martial arts

When a fighter is unable to continue, usually due to injury.

mixed martial arts (MMA)

Sports; Martial arts

An abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts - A combat sport in which fighters from different martial disciplines compete.

knock out

Sports; Martial arts

When a fighter is knocked unconscious due to strikes or other impact.

tap out

Sports; Martial arts

A method in which a fighter submits to his opponent by tapping his opponent, himself or the mat. Verbal tap outs are also allowed.


Sports; Martial arts

A sport in which two opponents struggle hand to hand in order to pin or press each other's shoulders to the mat or ground.

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