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Construction practice that uses materials such as brick, concrete block, stone, and tile that are set in morta.

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exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS)

Construction; Masonry

A cladding system that consists of a thin layer of reinforced stucco applied directly to the surface of an insulating plastic foam board.

igneous rock

Construction; Masonry

A class of rock formed by change of the molten material to the solid state; generally termed granite if coarse-grained.

parging, pargeting

Construction; Masonry

A coat, or the application of a coat, of cement render or lime mortar to the surface of stone masonry or brickwork, to improve the appearance or to waterproof it.

building code

Construction; Masonry

A collection of rules and regulations adopted by authorities having appropriliations jurisdiction to control the design and construction of buildings, alteration, repair, quality of materials, use ...


Construction; Masonry

A composite material which consists essentially of a binding medium within which are embedded particles or fragments of aggregate; in portland cement concrete, the binder is a mixture of portland ...


Construction; Masonry

A construction line denoting inside limit of the arch. It is used in the setting out. Not be be confused with the soffit which is a surface.


Construction; Masonry

A construction line denoting outer limit of the arch. It is used in the setting out.

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