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Material physics

Material physics is the use of physics to describe materials in many different ways. It covers a number of related fields such as chemistry, solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, condensed matter, solid state physics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, quantum optics, plasma physics, and thermodynamics.

Contributors in Material physics

Material physics

iodine lasers

Materials science; Material physics

A chemical laser that users iodine as a gain medium, and pumping is achieved by chemical or photo-dissociation of the molecules. It operates at a wavelength of 1253.73 nm in the far infrared region. ...

gauge pressure

Materials science; Material physics

Gauge pressure is a relative pressure measured with respect to the atmospheric pressure. P absolute = P gauge + P atmospheric .

transmission matrix

Materials science; Material physics

A matrix relating the transmitted wave amplitudes, transmitting through a structure to the incident wave amplitudes. \begin{pmatrix} B_1 \\ B_2 \\ \cdots \\ B_n \end{pmatrix} = \begin{pma ...

Rankine cycle

Materials science; Material physics

A realistic heat engine cycle that more accurately approximates the pressure-volume cycle of a real steam engine than the Carnot cycle. The Rankine cycle consists of four stages: First, heat is added ...

Dirac matrix

Materials science; Material physics

A four-dimensional matrix which is a component of the Dirac equation and which describes the operations of parity and space-time rotations of the spin degrees of freedom. There are several ...

Gerard t'Hooft

Materials science; Material physics

Physicist from the University of Utrecht who notably contributed to the theory of electroweak forces, QED, gauge theories, etc. and won the Nobel Prize in physics.

grand unification

Materials science; Material physics

Physics attempts to explain natural phenomenon in terms of a set of fundamental axioms. It is the general goal of physics to reduce this set to its simplest, or most fundamental form. Thus there are ...

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