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Materials chemistry


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

A substance that is made of very small particles of a liquid or a solid mixed in a gas. Mist, which is made of very fine drops of water in air, is a naturally occurring aerosol.


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

Made by humans rather than occurring as part of a natural process or living thing. An artificial sweetener is a chemical compound that is made in laboratory.


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

A wide glass container that is shaped like a cylinder and has a rim with a dip for pouring.


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

To add chlorine to another substance. Drinking water and water in swimming pools is often chlorinated to kill any germs that might be present.


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

A substance that starts or speeds up a chemical reaction between other substances. They are not changed by chemical reaction.


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

A solid made of atoms that are arranged in a particular shape, such as a cube. The shape is repeated over and over within a solid.


Chemistry; Materials chemistry

A cleaning substance that makes it easier for water to get into cloth and carry away bits of grease and dirt.

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