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Units of measurement and related words.

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Mathematics; Measurements

British mathematician who developed a plan for a mechanical computer and it was first computer program ever.


Mathematics; Measurements

Equally distant. If three people are all standing in different places 15 feet away from a tree, they are equidistant from the tree.


Mathematics; Measurements

French mathematician who invented a measuring scale that is used to make other scales more precise.


Mathematics; Measurements

The distance above a level, such as the distance from sea level to the top of a mountain.


Mathematics; Measurements

A unit of mass or weight in the metric system, equal to 1/1000 of a kilogram, is called a gram.


Mathematics; Measurements

The distance of a thing measured from one end to the other end is called its length.

International System

Mathematics; Measurements

The formal name for the most modern version of the metric system, used by scientists all over the world.

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