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Mergers & acquisitions

Referring to the aspect of corporate strategy, finance and management that deals with the buying, selling or combining of different companies that can assist a growing company to grow rapidly without having to create another business entity.

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Mergers & acquisitions

shareholder agreement

Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

An agreement among the shareholders of a company that governs how the owners of a business can sell their interests in the business, to whom, when, and at what price. The agreement includes ...

working capital

Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

Current assets minus current liabilities. Working capital is a measure of a company's  liquid assets.

triangular merger

Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

A type of merger  where a target company merges with and into a subsidiary of the acquiring corporation.

term sheet

Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

A document setting forth the terms of a proposed acquisition, merger or securities offering. A term sheet may take the form of a "Letter of Intent".

tax-free reorganization

Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

Certain forms of business combinations governed by Internal Revenue Code Section 368 in which shareholders do not incur tax liabilities.


Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

The business to be acquired in a proposed acquisition.

stock purchase

Banking; Mergers & acquisitions

An agreement for the acquisition of a business by which the shareholders transfer their shares to the acquirer.

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