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Naturally occurring substance that is solid and stable at room temperature, representable by a chemical formula, usually abiogenic, and has an ordered atomic structure. It is different from a rock, which can be an aggregate of minerals or non-minerals, and does not have a specific chemical composition. The general definition of a mineral encompasses the following criteria: 1 - Naturally occurring 2 - Stable at room temperature 3 - Represented by a chemical formula 4 - Usually abiogenic 5 - Ordered atomic arrangement

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Mexican diamond

Geology; Minerals

Mexican diamond is a misleading term for rock crystal, and not a diamond at all.

mahogany obsidian

Geology; Minerals

Mahogany Obsidian (also called Apache tears) is brownish obsidian. This glassy, lustrous mineral is found in lava flows, and obsidian stones can be massive. Obsidian is formed when viscous lava (from ...


Geology; Minerals

Metatorbernite (or meta-torbernite) is a radioactive phosphate mineral, and is a dehydration pseudomorph of torbernite. Chemically, it is a copper uranyl phosphate and usually occurs in the form of ...


Geology; Minerals

Andersonite, Andersonit or Andersonita (Na 2 CaUO 2 (CO 3 ) 3 •6H 2 O), or hydrated sodium calcium uranyl carbonate is a rare uranium carbonate mineral that was only described in the last half ...


Geology; Minerals

Metazeunerite is an arsenate mineral with a chemical formula of Cu(UO 2 ) 2 (AsO 4 ) 2 ·8H 2 O. The origin of this mineral comes from the dehydration process that metazeunerite must go through, and ...

sal ammoniac

Geology; Minerals

Sal ammoniac is a rare mineral composed of ammonium chloride, NH 4 Cl. It forms colorless to white to yellow-brown crystals in the isometric-hexoctahedral class. It has very poor cleavage and a ...


Geology; Minerals

Muscovite (also known as common mica, isinglass, or potash mica ) is a phyllosilicate mineral of aluminium and potassium with formula KAl 2 (AlSi 3 O 10 )(F,OH) 2 , or (KF) 2 (Al 2 O 3 ) 3 (SiO 2 ) 6 ...

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