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Mobile phones

enhanced data rates for GSM evolution (EDGE)

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

Developed for networks without a UMTS license. Although it promises only about a third of the bandwidth, most UMTS services will also have a form using EDGE, making speeds of up to 184kbps possible.

error detection & correction

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

Refers to various techniques used to detect and correct errors that may be introduced when digital data is copied, moved or transmitted to another device. Detection and correction technologies ...

European Telecomunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

The European counterpart to ANSI, the American Standards Institute. ETSI's task is to pave the way for telecommunication integration in the European community as part of the single European market ...

Symbian OS

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

An operating system optimised for the needs of data-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and communicators Symbian OS drives standards for the interoperation of data-enabled mobile phones with ...

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

A standards setting, non-government organization founded in 1918. It develops and publishes standards for transmission codes, protocols and high level languages for voluntary use in the United ...


Mobile communications; Mobile phones

A utility for Android used to flash zip files containing Android ROM distributions on an Android mobile phone. It also allows the user to create or restore backup files containing a whole ...


Mobile communications; Mobile phones

A development branch of the Android OS that contains many improvements that was merged into the master build of Android and is currently being released to new phones as Android 2.0/2.1.

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