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Modern art

A movement in fine arts (starting from the mid-1800s) in which the styles, attitudes and subject-matter began to differ from those of traditional art.

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Modern art


Arts & crafts; Modern art

The art and technique of designing and/or arranging type letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and of printing from them.

Turpentine burn

Arts & crafts; Modern art

A turpentine burn is made by soaking a rag in solvent and scrubbing the canvas directly. This technique removes paint and leaves a stain on the canvas.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

A work of art consisting of three parts, usually hinged together.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

The lightness or darkness of a color. In painting, a color plus gray.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

The state of being stretched or strained; in construction, the level of tautness when a load is applied to a structure.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

An urban dwelling made up of several apartments, often overcrowded and located in economically depressed sections of a city.

Direct positive

Arts & crafts; Modern art

A photographic term referring to a positive image made directly by exposure to light and by development without the use of a negative. In a direct positive print an image is produced on a surface and ...

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