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A branch of biology that deals with form and structure of living organism.

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Biology; Morphology

An animal or plant in its first stage of development, and is usually still contained within the seed,egg or uterus, is termed as an embryo.


Biology; Morphology

A person between childhood and adulthood, usually someone between the ages of 13 and 19.During this period, adolescents become physically mature.


Biology; Morphology

A pupa,especially of a moth or butterfly. It doesn't move around or eat and is enclosed in a strong case.


Biology; Morphology

Process in which two or more living things in an ecosystem change over time by adapting to changes in each other.

life cycle

Biology; Morphology

The series of changes, or stages, in the life of a plant or animal between the birth to the death.


Biology; Morphology

To shed an outer covering, such as skin or feathers, so it can be replaced by a new one. Many snakes, birds, and insects molt.


Biology; Morphology

The fully developed female in a colony of bees, ants, or termites. The queen's only function is to lay eggs.

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