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resistance thermal detectors (RTD)

Electrical equipment; Motors

A resistance device used to measure temperature change in the motor windings to detect a possible over heating condition. These detectors would be embedded into the winding slot and their resistance ...

bearing rtd

Electrical equipment; Motors

A probe used to measure bearing temperature to detect an overheating condition. The RTD's resistance varies with the temperature of the bearings.

reactance (inductive)

Electrical equipment; Motors

The characteristic of a coil, when connected to alternating current, which causes the current to lag the voltage in time phase. The current wave reaches its peak later than the voltage wave reaches ...

power code

Electrical equipment; Motors

Identifies the type of power supply providing power to a DC motor. Frequency, voltage, and type of rectifier configuration.

power factor

Electrical equipment; Motors

A measurement of the time phase difference between the voltage and current in an AC circuit. It is represented by the cosine of the angle of this phase difference. For an angle of 0 degrees, the ...

primary winding

Electrical equipment; Motors

That winding of a motor, transformer or other electrical device which is connected to the power source.

polarization test

Electrical equipment; Motors

A ratio of a one-minute meggar test (see Meggar Test) to ten-minute meggar test. Used to detect contaminants in winding insulation done typically on high voltage, V.P.I. motors which are tested by ...

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