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Tawfik Abu Wael

Entertainment; Movies

Tawfik Abu Wael is a director. He was born in 1976.

Hany Abu-Assad

Entertainment; Movies

Hany Abu-Assad was born in 1961. He is a director.

Tengis Abuladse

Entertainment; Movies

Tengis Abuladse was born in 1924 and died in 1994. He was a director.

Franco Abussi

Entertainment; Movies

Franco Abussi is an italian director. He was born in 1947.

Giuseppe Accattino

Entertainment; Movies

Giuseppe Accattino was born in 1914. He was an italian director.

Fulvio Accialini

Entertainment; Movies

Fulvio Accialini was born in 1952 in Mailand. He is a director.

Laurent Achard

Entertainment; Movies

Laurent Achard is a french director. He was born in 1964.

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