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Multiple sports

Involves more than one sport.

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Multiple sports


Sports; Multiple sports

This is the name given to runners on asphalt and other surfaces, traveling around the world to participate in races and competitions emblematic in different countries or cities. The Runtrippers ...

freestyle skiing

Sports; Multiple sports

A form of skiing typically through a terrain park. Also called free skiing. Free skiing involves tricks over and through terrain park features, such as rails boxes and jumps. The terrain park ...

Added Time

Sports; Multiple sports

Playing time added to the end of a half to compensate for playing time lost to injuries, substitutions, time-wasting, or other any other cause for which the referee deems appropriate. Also called ...

Center Circle

Sports; Multiple sports

A circle in the middle of the field marking the ten-yard radius from spot of a kick-off.


Sports; Multiple sports

Bodily contact undertaken against an opponent in order to win or obtain possession of the ball. If done unfairly, it is a penal foul.

Corner Arc

Sports; Multiple sports

A one-yard quarter circle from the corner of the field, marking the spot for a corner kick.


Sports; Multiple sports

A player on his own half of the field; or a player whose team is not in possession of the ball.

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